Groote Post Pinot Noir 1999


Technical Analysis

Winemaker - Adi Badenhorst
Main Variety - Pinot Noir
Alcohol - 12.8 %vol
pH - 3.8
RS - 1.9 g/l
Total Acid - 5.4 g/l
Appellation - Coastal


Type - Red
Style - Dry

Tasting Notes


Dense, ripe fruit aromas of black cherries, strawberries and a touch of plum, tertiary aromas of cinnamon and cloves are starting to develop as the fruit and wood complex. The wood is fresh, but subdued in its smokiness and toast.
Palate: Initial sweet fruit flavour is carried onto the mid palate wher it is surrounded by soft tannins and acid which give it amazing length and fullness. Oak flavours are very well intergrated. This is a very interesting Pinot Noir and totally different in profile.

Ageing Potential

4 years

Blend Information

Pinot Noir

In The Cellar

Wine Magazine May 2000: 3 Stars

The wine is sold out. All grapes were crushed and destemmed allowing 25% whole berries to pass through. Grapes were fermented in stainless steel and open fermenters where they were inoculated after 7-9 days, pre fermentation maceration. Wines were pumped over 3-5 x 24 hours depending on the degree of extraction and temperatures peaked at 28.5ºC. After a short maceration on the skins the grapes were pressed and malolactic fermentation was completed in the barrels and tanks. The grapes were divided into three batches and vinified seperately with the aim of having three distinct building blocks or components. To accentuate typical Pinto Noir fruit, the portion in tank was pumped over gently at regular intervals with little aeration while ensuring that the temperatures did not exceed 26ºC. Pressing took place immediately after the completion of fermentation. Grapes in open fermenters were vinified for the purpose of obtaining tannin extraction. These were pumped over, plunged and "racked and returned". Post fermentation maceration was applied. A portion of this wire was allowed to complete fermentation in barrel, the result being a wonderful combination of toasty, cherry aromas which are well intergrated in the wine.

Other Vintages

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ARA - Industry Association for Responsible Alcohol use Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Enjoy Responsibly.